Smoking Sunbrae is a non-smoking establishment. Signage to such effect has been placed in all guest bedrooms and is advertised as such in all forms of advertisements. There is a smoking area provided outside of the property clearly marked and is pointed out to guests upon arrival. Ashtrays are provided with water to ensure cigarettes are extinguished correctly. People at risk are paying guests staying at the property as well as proprietors, family and any contractors working at the property at any time. An assessment of Fire Risk has been carried out on all guest areas which comprises of 3 x ground floor bedrooms, 1 x guest lounge and 1x breakfast area in adjacent annex. Due to nature of the building being a bungalow all rooms are ground floor. Main risk assessed would be from electrical fire and the following precautions have been taken throughout. Risk from kitchen fire is assessed as low as the kitchen is located in an annexed building where breakfast is served and guests are only present for 1 hour per day when occupied. A Fully serviced Fire blanket and Extinguisher is located in bed and breakfast kitchen and are clearly installed and labeled accordingly. Throughout the property a fully serviced, full hard wire interlinked fire system in accordance with Fire Regulation BS5839PT6/2004 has been installed throughout the building. Ground Floor Bedrooms, Guest Lounge and Breakfast Room Fire risk in bedrooms is assessed as low and being from electrical equipment being left on. Guests are advised to turn off electrical equipment once used and also overnight. Detectors and sounders are located in all bedrooms and are interlinked to others. In case of fire all bedrooms and guest areas are alerted and evacuated in accordance with Fire Drill which is clearly outlined to guests on arrival. Instructions for Fire Drill are also to be found on rear of bedroom doors. Irons are loaned to guests on request only which turn off automatically however, guests are asked to return irons as soon as possible after use. All curtains in guest areas have been sprayed with Fire Retardant spray. No smoking signage is clearly placed in all guest areas. No double plugs are used at Sunbrae due to risk of arcing of the power supply. All rooms are fitted with extension leads ensuring adequate and safe supply for all electrical equipment and guest appliances. Emergency lighting is fitted in the corridor linking bedrooms and the main fire exit located on this corridor is clearly marked. A fire extinguisher is also located in the corridor and is clearly labelled. The Guest Lounge is reached via open walkway from main bedroom area to guest conservatory. This room has two large exits clearly marked in case of fire. The breakfast room located in the adjacent annex also has large exit doors in case of fire. General Responsibility of Fire system is the proprietors of Sunbrae. There are no staff other than the proprietors. Log books are available for inspection for the fire system and are filled in weekly when the fire alarm system is tested. All fire extinguishers are clearly labelled and are serviced every 12 months in accordance with current legislation. These are tested by Fire Engineers and are signed and dated on the extinguishers. The Fire system is to have 12 monthly maintenance to ensure it is fully functional Sunbrae Fire Risk Assessment Policy to be reviewed every 12 months by the proprietors, or when updates are made, whichever is sooner.